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Packer's Pine Tar Soap

About Packer's Brand:

In 1869, in the quaint fishing village of Mystic, Connecticut, Daniel F. Packer, an adventurer and entrepreneur, originated and sold "Packer's All Healing Tar Soap". This famous soap, now called "Packer's Pine Tar Soap," has been marketed continuously for over 135 years.

Packer's proprietary formula of natural pine tar and pine oils has provided millions of people with soothing help for a variety of skin conditions such as eczema, dandruff and psoriasis.

Daily use of Packer's provides effective natural protection against mosquito, chigger, tick and other insect bites, as was recognized by the Army Corp of Engineers who utilized Packer's ingredients as the insect repellent of choice prior to World War II.

FAMOUS PACKER'S PINE TAR SOAP with its unique formula has long been recommended by doctors and pharmacists for daily washing. PACKER'S is especially useful in helping to manage skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as in providing effective insect repellant properties to help ward off insect bites. PACKER'S 3.3 oz. bar is the long-lasting secret to naturally, healthier skin.

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Packers Pine Tar Soap 94g

• Packers Pine Tar Soap is helpful in many minor skin and scalp troubles.
• It contains natural Pine Tar.
• It has been recommended by many doctors as a shampoo.
• It is complexion soap helpful in many minor skin and scalp troubles.

Packers Pine Tar Shampoo 235ml

• Packers Pine Tar Shampoo for Hair and scalp provides natural help for scalp conditions.
• It contains natural Pine Tar.
• It has been recommended by many doctors as a shampoo.
• It is complexion soap helpful in many minor skin and scalp troubles.


Packers Pine Tar Soap - "Hard milled bar of Pine Tar soap, stamped with the brand logo on each bar, and presented in a foiled cardboard box to keep the soap fresh. Lasts a good length of time as a shower soap (just as well as it is expensive compared to some others) and produces a really soft lather that is perfect for both hair and skin. My reactive skin has certainly never been better since using a variety of pine tar soaps and I am constantly searching for reputable sellers. This comes direct from the US, with a steep price and per-item postage, but I'll still give it five stars for quality and effectiveness... and ordered again" - Tony D

It Clears - "This product is truly amazing. it shows that everything else simply doesn't work. any type of scaly skin condition; gone. greasy/oily skin; gone. warts moles pimples; reduced to nothingness. bites by dust mites/ bugs etc during the night; gone. used as a shampoo; hair (what I have left) is wholesome looking, healthy and natural, no other shampoo can do this. (except possibly their own). I wouldn't be surprised if this soap can kill skin cancer. (remember, you heard it from me first). expensive, but worth it." - S. Haralambous

Friendly Review - "Hi, bought this for a friend who has terrible psoriasis (skin problem), she has been using for many years as it is the only soap that helps with it. She says it is worth every penny to her and it helps." - Toetapper

What happened to my problem scalp? - "I first used "Packers Pine Tar Shampoo" this summer 2013. I was amazed how after five or six shampoos my problem scalp was not a problem anymore. No inching, No bumps. No sores. It is truly an great product. I also noticed that my hair seemed thicker and easier to handle. Friends and relatives without exception stated that my hair looked fuller and youthful. Even my long time mailman asked me if I had changed my hair stylist or whether I was taking some kind of special hair vitamin complex. I told him about Packers Pine Tar and about week later or so he rang my bell to thank me. He also had the same excellent results.Of course there is the odor of Pine Tar but after you give your hair a good rinse the tar smell is gone. There are not too many inexpensive natural products around these days that can really help the user like Packer's Pine Tar Shampoo." - CharlieBooksNYC

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