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Ego Pinetarsol Pine Tar Soap

About Pinetarsol Brand:

Ego was founded when a young chemist, Gerald Oppenheim, and his wife, Rae, a nurse, saw a need for products to restore and maintain healthy skin. In the laundry of their suburban Melbourne home they developed Ego Pine Tar Bath Solution, later called Pinetarsol, which remains one of Australia's most widely used inflammation treatments. Ever since Ego has continued to research and develop products and treatments to care for and meet the skin needs of all people.

Gerald Oppenheim passed away in 1995 leaving his legacy, Ego, to the family. His sons, Alan Oppenheim the Managing Director, and David Oppenheim both sit on the Board of Directors. As does Dr Jane Oppenheim, Alan's wife, who is the Scientific and Operations Director.

Proudly Australian-owned, Ego Pharmaceuticals has led the way in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative skincare products for 60 years. Our mission is to exist for people who want healthy skin. Ego is the specialist in skincare, backed by science. We make our products in Australia for the people of the world. We provide consistently high quality products, underpinned by heritage and integrity.

From its inception as a family business in 1953, Ego has grown to become a world leader, producing a comprehensive skin and health care range for sale in Australia and around the world. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering effective, high-quality and innovative products to meet a diverse range of needs, and we are committed to creating the best possible skin therapies for our customers.

Ego have hundreds of testimonials that tell us people trust Ego to help care for their skin every day.

The name 'Ego' is an acronym for Erwin and Gerald Oppenheim. Dr. Erwin Oppenheim, Gerald's father was a dermatologist.

At Ego our Values are an essential part of our culture and business. These values underpin the quality of our products and drive our integrity, our commitment to science and innovation, and our focus on helping people restore and maintain Skin Health.
Alan Oppenheim, Managing Director.

Specially formulated with pine tar, Pinetarsol helps to alleviate red and itchy skin caused by many skin conditions.

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Ego Pinetarsol Bar 100g

Moisturising soap alternative for red, itchy skin.
This gentle soap-free bar cleanses red, itchy skin. A combination of gentle surfactants and emollients hydrate the skin and provide a protective barrier to help reduce moisture loss.

• Contains a blend of moisturisers to help relieve any associated dry skin problems that can often occur when the skin is red and itchy.
• Gently cleanses without irritating inflamed skin like soap can.
• pH-balanced to maintain the skin's natural protection.
• Suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Disodium Cocamido MEA-Sulfosuccinate, PEG-150, Stearic Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Dimethicone, Petrolatum, Stearyl Heptanoate, Pinus Palustris Wood Tar, Paraffin, Octoxynol-10, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Lactic Acid, Solvent Green 3.
Active w/w: Tar (Pine Tar) 1%, Preservative: Methyl hydroxybenzoate.

Ego Pinetarsol Bath Oil 200ml & 500ml

Soothe & moisturise dry, inflamed skin while soaking in the bath.
Pinetarsol Bath Oil gently cleanses while replenishing moisture to dry, itchy and inflamed skin. This non-greasy, mild formulation is ideal for treating large areas of the body while bathing.

• Helps to relieve severe itching and reduce inflammation.
• Relieves the symptoms of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other dry, itchy, flaky or inflamed skin conditions.
• Helps lock in moisture.
• Gently cleanses without irritating inflamed skin.
• Suitable for dry skin, and suitable for infants, the elderly and those with sensitive skin.


Active (w/w): Tar (Pine Tar) 2.3%.

Ego Pinetarsol Gel 100g & 500g

Soothing cleansing gel for when you're on the go.
Pinetarsol Gel contains a blend of gentle surfactants that cleanse without irritating sensitive or inflamed skin. This moisturising soap-free gel can be used on the face, hands or body as often as needed throughout the day.

• Helps to relieve itching and inflammation associated with a range of skin conditions, such as dermatitis, anal and genital itching, jock itch and other minor skin irritations.
• Gently cleanses without irritating inflamed skin like soap can.
• pH-balanced to maintain the skin's natural protection.
• Handy flip-top tube is ideal for travellers and while at work.


ACTIVE (w/w): Tar (Pine Tar) 1.6%, PRESERVATIVES: Phenethyl Alcohol, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol.

Ego Pinetarsol Solution 200ml

Soap-free cleanser for inflamed skin.
Pinetarsol Solution helps to reduce redness and relieve itching while gently cleansing the skin. Suitable for use on the whole body, it's an effective way to treat large areas of red, itchy skin.

• Helps to relieve itching and inflammation associated with a range of skin conditions, such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, nappy rash, sunburn, prickly heat, hives, insect bites, anal and genital itching.
• Gently cleanses without irritating inflamed skin like soap can.
• Helps break the "itch–scratch cycle".
• pH-balanced to maintain the skin's natural protection.
• Recommended for normal to oily skin.

ACTIVE (w/w): Tar (Pine Tar) 1.6%, PRESERVATIVES: Phenethyl Alcohol, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol.


Pinetarsol - "Good product kind on your skin be it dry or sore. The scent is not unpleasant." - lonegunwoman

Great product for skin conditions - "Amazing product for skin conditions." - Book Reviewer

Great Product - "This has been the best solution for Psoriasis in the winter months and beyond if your skin is playing up." - Review by Daniel.

I can't recommend this product enough - "I can't recommend this product enough. I have used it for years initially to relieve shingles and chicken pox. Now I have a bone marrow condition which causes severe skin irritation and it is the only product to give relief. Unfortunately it is not available on prescription. My doctor tried but it was not available through the NHS. Such a shame because it is infinitely better than the prescribed alternative. I have given this to friends for their children when suffering measles and chicken pox. It is also brilliant for psoriasis and eczema. Wish I could buy it locally as delivery is a bit pricey. I used to get it direct from Australia - my daughter recommended it." - Mike

The best pine tar out there - "If only this was sold in the UK locally. The only remedy for eczema for my kid as everything else fails. I think the only thing better than this is the oil version (which gets a bit messy and wasted with spillage if not bathing), this gel is best for the shower." - Charlie C

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