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About Vaasa Brand:

Tar products have been produced in Finland since the 19th century. Methods of production have improved since, and genuine pine tar is still used today as a raw material, giving the tar soap its characteristic and distinctive scent and colour.

Tar has long been known for its superior qualities including its mild anti-septic effect. The tar is very gentle to use and many psoriasis sufferers have noticed that regular use of tar soap and tar shampoo has relieved their skin symptoms. You only need a small amount of tar soap or shampoo to wash leaving your hair and body feeling incredibly clean whilst relieving itching and dandruff.

Vaasa Old Soap Company is a company with long traditions. The company was established in 1886 and its products are still hand made to the recipes that go back to the 19th century.

Vegetable oils and genuine Scandinavian raw materials are used in the production. All the ingredients are carefully selected to be kind to the user and environment.

Vaasa uses traditional Tar, Sauna and Pore soaps are still hand made together with new Lingonberry, Blackcurrant, Apple, Seabuckthorn, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera products and also make exclusive Shampoos, Shower Soaps and Tar Sauna Drops.

All products are registered according to EU directive (EC) No 1223/2009 for cosmetic products.

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Vasa Pine Tar Soap 59g and 204g


Vaasa Pine Tar Shampoo 150ml and 250ml


Sauna Essence Tar Drops 150ml

Pine Tar Soap Bar - Small (hand-soap size) bar of pine-tar soap in its own little cardboard box. Rich in that smoky pine-tar smell, it lathers well, smooth on the skin (and hair) and just leaves you smelling 'clean' after use. I use this size to take away with me on business trips, as the small bar won't last a week in the shower at home. Tends to leak brown over your bath and soap-dish, but that's easily washed away with the shower spray. Most importantly it is really good for my skin, quickly clearing up dry and itchy patches and keeping them at bay with sustained use. Quite expensive for small bars, but worth every penny in my opinion - Tony D

My Favourite Soap - The best soap I have ever used: gentle, cleansing, feels 'healthy', perfumed like a sunny day under a tree by a sparkling Finnish Lake (really - it evokes the best of summer to me), lasts and lasts, and, what's more, in every tablet I have ever used (and there have been many, over many years) the 'rope' has stayed in place until the very end. - Mrs J C

Absolutely fantastic. My favourite soap yet. - I love this stuff. It looks really nice... like a little pine cone or egg hanging in the shower. If I close my eyes I could be standing by a camp-fire deep in a woodland somewhere in Finland... or relaxing in a secluded smoke-sauna cabin. This is one of the stronger smelling brands I have come across, but its woodsmoke aroma to me is absolutely divine, so in my opinion, it also functions as a bathroom air freshener when not in use.

I have been using Pine Tar Soap in general for a while. I also use some other brands (one made in Britain and one made in the USA). All are very similar, however this Finnish soap is my favourite so far. My skin is quite sensitive and sometimes, depending on weather and work, can occasionally suffer the odd bout of things like eczema, infections, etc. Like the other pine-tar soaps, this soap feels lovely on the skin. It feels really mild, smooth and creamy. It cleans well enough to prevent and greasiness, spots and infections, but doesn't dry my skin. It is also mild enough to wash my hair in. For this use, I find the Grandpa's brand the best, although I wash my hair with the other brands of Pine Tar soap too, and so far I have found them all suitable for this. I use a shaving brush and traditional shaving soap, but I've also used this one to shave with and it did the job as well as my shave soap. When I used this on my hair, I get a lot more volume than with conventional shampoo. My scalp was never itchy either. As a result, I can heartily recommend this as an "all in one", although your mileage may vary and you might be better off with separate shampoo/soap/shaving soap.

As with other Pine Tar Soaps I've tried, it soothed pretty-much any problem I had with my skin, and stopped its return. A nice side effect I also noticed with the other brands, is that I'm sure I get bitten less by insects when I have used this and spend time in the woods. I find the smell very nice, infact I absolutely love it, although some people might not like the smell of the actual bar itself. Like most brands of this type of soap, the smell can vary a bit between bars - sometimes it's more tarry and sometimes (like this one), it smells more like a woodland camp-fire, which is simply heavenly. Fortunately it's not overpowering, so once you've used it people can't really smell it on you. Speaking of smell, a final side effect is that I noticed my arm pits were always still fresh at the end of a long hard day when I'd showered with this. Again, that's just this soap's effect on me, your mileage may vary - but all I can say is that it appears to be a fantastic cure-all for me...
- Jack-in-the-Green

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