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About Confianca Brand:

Saboaria e Perfumaria CONFIANÇA S.A. was founded in Braga in northern Portugal on 12th October 1894 by Almeida Silva and Santos Pereira initially specializing in Offenbach laundry soap manufacturing. In 1919, the product range manufactured and comercialized by Confiança was enlarged to perfumed soaps, fine soaps, transparent soaps, rice-powder, eau de cologne, medicinal soaps, extra-fine extracts and oils coming from former Portuguese colonies.

CONFIANÇA is a brand that means "TRUST" and the company motto is "More than a century of quality and trust"!

This soap is formulated with Pine Tar, long known for its healing properties and antiparasitic and antiseptic actions.
This is a great medicinal soap, used through generations. Due to its keratolytics properties, it's traditionally used as soothing aid for skin conditions such as sebborhea, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

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Confianca Pine Tar Soap 77g

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